8 must-have design details for your four-seasons sunroom

Sunrooms are often smaller, so make sure your furniture is to scale with the space. Photo by Alyssa Wagner

Whether you already have one in your house or are thinking about an upcoming addition, a four-seasons sunroom is a fantastic way to take advantage of sunshine and nature — all from the great indoors and year-round! Today, I’m sharing the eight details I’d argue you must include to get the most out of your sunroom space this year. Enjoy.

  1. Great light control: A sunroom will tend to be just that: sunny. So, you’ll need great and beautiful options for light control. Some great options include top-down-bottom-up cellular shades, solar shades (basically light-filtering roller shades) or woven wood roman shades.
  2. Appropriately scaled seating: Sunrooms are often smaller, so make sure your furniture is to scale with the space. Here, we chose two, smaller-scale exposed frame accent chairs. These allow for lots of negative space visually and make the space feel larger.
  3. Drink/coffee tables: Whether it’s a small side table or a larger cocktail table, you’ll want a surface to set your snacks, beverages, books, etc. on. If you have the space, a larger, central coffee table is my first choice, paired with smaller accent tables when space allows.
  4. Work surface: Trust me, if you have a sunroom, you’re going to want to spend as much time there as possible. Especially in these work-from-home times, you might just find that the sunroom becomes your new home base for work. You’ll be glad you decided to include a work surface.
  5. Blanket basket: Even a well-insulated four seasons room will be a tad chillier than your interior rooms during colder times of day or months. Include a cute basket with a couple of warm throws so you can easily cozy up on colder days.
  6. Access to outside: A sunroom should be a transition space from the indoors to the outdoors. Include an access point to your yard or exterior and make it a beautiful one. Large, windowed doors, French doors or paneled glass doors are all great options.
  7. Skylights: Need I say more? Skylights are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of natural light to make your sunroom even sunnier.
  8. Ground the space with a rug: For the floor of your sunroom, you’ll want something durable that can handle the transitions from indoors to outdoors. To warm the space and ground your conversation area, layer a performance rug below with a nice texture or pattern.

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