Summer wines

Amy Ruis shares her top summer wines.
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It’s the start of patio season and whether you are enjoying an afternoon soaking up the sun, grilling with friends or stargazing around a bonfire, Aperitivo and Art of the Table’s Amy Ruis has the perfect wine pairings for any summer activity.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé ($15) is the perfect rosé for early summer drinks. “One of our favorite rosé selections, it’s from Germany, it’s dry, crisp, lighter in body and swig-able but still elegant enough for having with any dinner on the patio — from salad to pasta to grilled delicacies,” Ruis said.

Point Ormond Nebbiolo ($16) pairs well with grilled items and is worth having on hand this summer. “Nebbiolo? The classic Italian grape? From Australia, you say? Why yes, due to cooler, higher altitude vineyards this wine gives enough structure and elegance and medium bold red fruits, but in a way that is versatile when grilling anything from veggies to chicken to steak.”

Getrank Gruner Veltliner ($16 for a 1 liter bottle) will add to your summer brunch. “Gruner Veltliner, an Austrian grape that’s hard to pronounce but easy to drink,” Ruis said. “Its tongue tingling bright acidity with its lemon and nectarine notes and a nutty undertone make it perfect for drinking with a bunch of different breakfast to lunch foods. It also rings in at only 12.5% alcohol, so it’s a lower ABV, making it a great sipper for the day — that first spring Sunday is all we need.”

Casa Silva Carmenere ($17.50) is the drink you’ll want to sip around the cottage bonfire. “I am frequently asked for Cabernet Sauvignon, a big, warm, cozy red wine, for summer outdoor activities like grilling and ghost story telling around the bonfire,” Ruis said. “This is my amazing doppelgänger to Cab. It’s a Chilean grape called Carmenere that displays spicy, big red fruit, is a little growly but drinks really well on its own after dinner.”

Northstar Galaxy Peach Seltzer ($2.25/can) is a go-to option for the non-wine drinker this summer. “The best seltzer I’ve found to date, this peach gem is from Connecticut Brewing Co. and is only slightly sweet with a beautiful effervescence for sipping as you float down the Grand River on a sunny summer’s day,” Ruis said.

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