Poll: 31% of Michiganders plan alcohol-filled celebration period after pandemic end

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A poll revealed 31% of Michiganders are planning a prolonged period of alcohol-filled festivities after the end of the pandemic.

River Oaks Treatment Center polled 3,065 people throughout the U.S. in March, and 1 in 5 of those polled say they will spend more on alcohol once the pandemic is over. One in 10 say they will party more to make up for the lack of it during the pandemic.

Some participants expressed concern over reckless drinking with 56% saying they expect drinkers in bars to act more recklessly when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

“After the year that many people have endured, celebrating the end of the pandemic and the return to some sense of normalcy is almost guaranteed to some extent,” said Fran Myers-Routt, clinical director and spokesperson for River Oaks Treatment Center.

While increased drinking is expected, Myers-Routt encourages caution to be exercised when consuming alcohol.

“Binge drinking, even on occasion, can induce Alzheimer’s earlier than expected,” she said. “Additionally, alcohol consumption places an individual at an increased risk of mental health problems, heart problems and a weakened immune system, among many other health conditions.”

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