Whitecaps Name Winner of Fan Food Vote

Whitecaps Rocky Balburrito

Just in time for baseball season, the West Michigan Whitecaps have named the winner of the team’s fan food contest.

The Rocky Balburrito, created by Marc Viquez, earned this year’s top honors. The Balburrito is a cheesesteak that is rolled into a burrito with cheese, onions and green peppers — and then deep fried.

“This is indeed a very humble moment. Thank you to everyone who voted and to the West Michigan Whitecaps for staging this annual contest,” Viquez said. “Just like Rocky Balboa knocking out Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago, the Rocky Balburrito continues the tradition of excellence from the City of Brotherly Love. Just don’t tell them that we deep fried their iconic cheesesteak sandwich; they may never allow me back into the city.”

In January, the Whitecaps began asking for ideas for new food items. The choices were narrowed down to 10 finalists and fan voting began in February.

The voting came down to the Balburrito, the Oinkuritto and the Marge’s Donut Sundae, with the Balburrito capturing the most ballots.

The Rocky Balburrito isn’t the only new food item added to the Whitecaps’ food menu at Fifth Third Ballpark.

The Whitecaps’ food lineup for the 2019 season also features a number of other concession “champs”:

  • Deep Fried Bread Pudding: Bites of sweet bread served with rich vanilla bean mousse
  • Pork Skin Nachos: Fried pork skins with a choice of melted cheese, bacon, pulled pork and more
  • Takis: Spicy, roll-shaped snacks fashioned after the traditional Mexican taquito
  • Spare Ribs: 10 oz. of smoked, bone-in pork spare ribs drenched in barbecue sauce
  • Grub Tub: Fans can carry popcorn, French fries and nachos in the container. The Grub Tub clips onto a souvenir cup like a lid and then carries the food above the drink.
  • Top N’ Go Fritos: A bag of Fritos with a choice of melted cheese, bacon, jalapenos and more
  • Coppercraft Distillery’s bourbon offerings
  • Wine Slushies: A choice of red sangria or white michato served slushy-style
  • Street Corn Nuggets: Sweet corn clusters coated in corn dog batter and fried, then topped with mayo
  • Gluten free brownies
  • Chicken gyro

Photo: The Rocky Balburrito. Courtesy West Michigan Whitecaps.

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