Malamiah Juice Bar Orders Up Convenience

Malamiah Juice Bar
Malamiah Juice Bar

Jermale Eddie is committed to bringing Malamiah Juice to his customers, not the other way around.

Eddie and his wife, Anissa Eddie, have operated Malamiah Juice Bar out of the Downtown Market since the day the market opened its doors in August 2013.

Eddie said he realized pretty quickly that foot traffic alone wasn’t going to be enough to keep the business afloat, so he began focusing on catering and other ways to bring the product to the customer.

“We decided, we are going to go to you,” Eddie said. “That was the catalyst behind the catering and bottling.”

In 2016, Eddie won $5,000 from Start Garden 5×5 night with the intention of purchasing a bicycle he could use at events around town to pedal his juices.

Akin to a food truck, Malamiah Juice Bar’s bicycle allows Eddie to deliver ice-cold bottles of an assortment of juices all around the city. It has also allowed Eddie to partner with Boxed Water and serve its product as well.

Jermale Eddie is always looking for ways to bring Malamiah Juice to his customers.
Jermale Eddie is always looking for ways to bring Malamiah Juice to his customers.

Eddie realizes convenience is key. Customers are becoming accustomed to being able to order up anything they want for door-to-door delivery.

So, Malamiah Juice Bar is in the process of launching home delivery and a subscription service that will allow customers to receive juice orders to their door. The company has updated its website to accommodate the new service.

Eddie said customers will be able to visit Malamiah Juice Bar and place their order. Juices will be shipped on Fridays for Saturday delivery. Customers will receive a tracking number to ensure that they are home to transfer their juices right into their refrigerator.

“We are also looking to launch a juice subscription service, where customers can get their needed number of juices delivered on a weekly basis,” he said.

Eddie hopes the service will be active later this month.

“Keep your eyes on our social media,” for the announcement, he said.

Eddie said his hope is to offer the delivery service to customers throughout Michigan and later to add service in parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio.

Eddie is also focused on expanding Malamiah Juice Bar’s reach through partnerships. He already sells his product through local businesses including Ferris Coffee, Rising Grind, Social Enterprise and Grain, all of which stock Malamiah Juice.

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