Love’s Ice Cream Expands with Confectionery

Love's Ice Cream & Chocolates.
Love's Ice Cream & Chocolates.

Great news for lovers of Love’s Ice Cream. Love’s Ice Cream, located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, has decided to add a confectionery. Or, in other terms, chocolates and candy.

Love’s Ice Cream is well known for its vegan options and inventive flavors. Chris McKellar, founder and owner of Love’s, said he’s always been interested in making candy and adding it to the current menu.

“I think there’s an opportunity for a confectionery in this building,” he said. “We’re sugar-based confections, meaning not any sort of baked goods. Which is why we’re doing chocolate, toffee and caramel. We’ll always do something fun or different that customers won’t be expecting.”

Fans of Love’s Ice Cream can expect the same kind of quality with their chocolate and candy items. “When it comes to candy … it’s the same kind of ethic of how we go about it,” he said. “We are very selective about what we put in it and how we do it, and that’s sort of what makes us different from others doing this. We pick out the best possible thing.”

You can also look forward to seasonal flavors during the holidays, such as peppermint and pumpkin. “We do more seasonal flavors this time of year because the seasons of the flavors are easy to work with,” he said. “And then it’s special because it’s only once a year. We’re doing pumpkin and peppermint stick every December, which we make our own candy with every year.”

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your friends or family who have a sweet tooth, Love’s has you covered as well. “I’m hoping to have a few gift-kinds of packages that people can pick up,” McKellar said. “I’m hoping that if someone had a nice experience with my ice cream or candy, maybe they’ll take some sweets home or give them as gifts to someone.”

Confectionery items are now available at Love’s Ice Cream, located in the Downtown Market. Love’s has scheduled a grand opening for Saturday, Dec. 8. For more information on Love’s Ice Cream and Chocolates, visit its Facebook page or the Grand Rapids Downtown Market’s website.

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