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While many kids spent their summer riding bikes and playing with friends, 10-year-old I’sis Beasley spent the warm weather months a little differently. With the help of her family, she opened a candy stand in her Muskegon neighborhood.

I’sis said she saw other kids in her neighborhood with lemonade stands and thought “why not a candy stand?”

Her father, Tyrone Beasley, helped I’sis turn a camper into the candy stand, and her mother, Keosha Beasley, helps her with inventory and some of the financial aspects of the business.

I’sis is having fun spending her summer as a business owner and said she is learning plenty, including how to make change and
the value of customer service.

When we spoke, she said she planned to keep the stand open into the fall. Visit her stand at 3319 Highland St. in Muskegon Heights.

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