Couple Brings Shaved Ice Treats to Grand Rapids

Kona Ice Truck
Kona Ice Truck

After receiving a new hip, Damion Parker began thinking about making a career change.

A security police officer for 13 years, Parker said he began considering that “carrying a gun, wearing a bulletproof vest, and being in potentially violent situations daily needed to change.”

Parker started looking into franchise options and learned about Kona Ice, a shaved ice venture. He presented the idea to his wife, Lindsay Parker, who “was all in.”

“Without her, this dream would not have become a reality,” Parker said. “And here we are today proud owners of Kona Ice of West Grand Rapids!”

Damion Parker was looking to make a career change when he learned about Kona Ice.
Damion Parker was looking to make a career change when he learned about Kona Ice.

The Parkers debuted their new Kona Ice Truck in April and have been making the rounds to area events since. They’ve parked the truck at several 5Ks, corporate events, birthday parties and local parks already.

Parker said Kona has developed an array of fun flavors and customers get to choose how to combine them – DIY style – using an interactive dispensing system. “People can add as much or as little flavoring as they want.”

Kona isn’t just appealing to kids either; it also offers a selection of Kona Kraft mocktail flavors for adults to enjoy.

Parker said along with the product, he was drawn to the company’s commitment to giving back.

“The brand is truly dedicated to making our communities better, and one way it shows that is in having contributed more than $50 million to nonprofits and charities throughout the nation. Locally, Lindsay and I have already donated more than $500 to our community after being open only one month.”

Parker said he is excited to be the first Kona Ice franchise in West Michigan and looks forward to “communities embracing us” and “bringing Kona Ice to you for many years to come.”

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