Grand Rapids’ top 5 tasting rooms

If you are looking for something fun to do this fall, consider stopping in at one of the many tasting rooms around Grand Rapids. Here are our top five picks to get you started.
Divani wine glass and charcuterie board
Wine and a charcuterie board from Divani. Photo by Bryan Esler

Honey wine, or mead, dates as far back as ancient Greece. Now, Arktos Meadery is working to keep the tradition of mead alive. Open seven days a week, Arktos Meadery always is ready to transport guests back in time with rich drinks. 1251 Century Ave. SW

Forty Pearl offers wine, other adult beverages, educational programs and community outreach to the people of Grand Rapids. Guests rave about the specialty wine that is exclusive to Forty Pearl. More than just a tasting room, it aims to give guests the full Pure Michigan experience in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. 40 Pearl St. NW

Cascade Winery specializes in everything wine. Guests can come in to try the amazing wine samples, learn about the wine-making process, pick up recipes and more. Many of its unique fruit wines are locally sourced from Michigan orchards and farms. Although Cascade Winery’s focus is wine, you’ll also find beers and hard ciders to enjoy. 4665 Broadmoor Ave. SE

Whether you’re searching for the perfect wine, beer or cheese, Aperitivo offers all three. Its mission is to provide great service and an opportunity for guests to enjoy their time together. Enjoy your favorite wine on the patio, too. Aperitivo is located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market and is perfect for a quick stop or longer stay. 435 Ionia Ave. SW

Aperitivo champagne and wine glasses and Monger's Choice board
Champagne, wine and the Monger’s Choice from Aperitivo. Photo by Bryan Esler

At Divani, there are options to eat, drink, enjoy happy hour or hold private events. Guests especially enjoy their conversations with the knowledgeable and friendly staff. The food and drink menu changes with the seasons, so it’s always fresh for guests to enjoy no matter the time of year. 15 Ionia Ave. SW, Suite 130

Divani shrimp and grits plate
A shrimp and grits plate from Divani. Photo by Bryan Esler


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