Drink Smart This Winter with These Tea Suggestions from Global Infusion

Joana Hively, owner of Global Infusions.
Joana Hively, owner of Global Infusions.

Whether you are looking for a jolt of energy or a tea that will put you to sleep, Global Infusion is sure to have the solution you are looking for. Since 2004, Global Infusion has been providing bulk loose-leaf tea and herbs from its storefront, at 143 Diamond Ave. SE. The retail store also sells some great fair trade gift options. GR|MAG asked owner Joana Hively for some suggestions on teas that will help you beat a cold, energize you or help you relax after the busy holiday season.

GR|MAG: The winter solstice is near, what’s a good tea choice for people who need a little jolt in the morning or mid-afternoon?

JH: Some of our favorites are Yerba Mate, which gives a significant caffeine boost as well as vitamins and nutrients. Also, the fermented Pu-erh teas are a nice option. With living enzymes similar to kombucha, and medium caffeine content, they are very earthy and balanced, and a nice alternative to coffee.

GR|MAG: This can also be a stressful time of year, what’s a good tea choice to help unwind and relax after a hectic day?

JH: Our house blends, Anxietea and Relax, are good options to take the edge off after a hectic day. Another great choice is Tulsi or Holy Basil, which is naturally caffeine free and lowers our body’s cortisol levels; a natural and delicious stress relief tea!

GR|MAG: It’s also a time of year when people are more likely to get a cold or the flu. What are your recommendations to soothe a sore throat and one for helping with an upset stomach?

JH: We have some perfect blends for this season! Our ‘Cold and Flu Brew’ and ‘Coat your Throat’ are must-haves to survive the cold season. Our ‘Tummy Tonic’ blends ginger, peppermint and fennel to gently take care of any tummy troubles.

GR|MAG: Are there teas available that can help boost the immune system?

JH: The best option for immune support is our ‘Immune Booster’ herbal blend. This one really packs a punch and can help support your body’s natural defenses.

GR|MAG: Could you recommend a couple of fun, winter flavor teas that people might enjoy this time of year?

JH: Some favorite winter teas are the Heartwarming Cinnamon and Cinnamon Plum, Cranberry Hibiscus, and any of our chai blends. All contain ingredients to kick up the metabolism and give an extra boost.

*Photo courtesy of Global Infusions

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