Big Lake Brewing launching Exploratory Series of beer

Courtesy Big Lake Brewing

A Holland brewery is working on a small batch series that will include the release of a new beer each quarter.

Big Lake Brewing, at 13 W. Seventh St. in Holland, said Tuesday, Dec. 28, it recently launched an Exploratory Series. A new beer in the series will be released quarterly and will be available on draft and in cans at the downtown Holland pub, as well as in limited distribution throughout the state.

The Exploratory Series will feature experiments with various aspects of brewing, including alcohol level, mouthfeel and carbonation, as well as using unique flavors and ingredients including cryogenically frozen hops, rare grains and hard-to-find yeasts.

Volume No. 1 in the series — available now — was brewed with Rakau and Sultana hops to give it a juicy pineapple and orange fruitiness. Its low bitterness and good body are designed to make it a “refreshingly drinkable” 9.5% ABV beer, the brewery said.

“We’re looking to break the mold with our Exploratory Series and produce something that nobody’s ever done before,” said Zach Dreyer, brew master at Big Lake Brewing. “While the nature of the unique ingredients and processes we’re using means these will only ever be small-batch, limited-edition brews, we’re having some fun and really trying to push the boundaries of where craft brewing is today.”

Travis Prueter, president of Big Lake Brewing, said the brewery considers itself an “experimental brand,” so the new series is in keeping with that tradition.

“Our Exploratory Series is being made with real craft beer lovers in mind — those whose interests go beyond how it tastes to how it’s made, what ingredients are used and why, and how brewing processes impact the final product,” Prueter said.

Big Lake expects to release Volume No. 2 in mid-February.

“We’re having fun, pushing the envelope and seeing where it takes us,” Dreyer said. “We’re excited to have Big Lake fans come along with us on the adventure.”

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