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Our May issue went into production during uncertain times. COVID-19 was beginning to escalate in the U.S. The content in this issue was all created prior to March and reflects a very different set of circumstances. It seems even more appropriate now that this is our Top Docs issue, however.

Technological innovations are changing everything from patient care to drug research. Health care apps and wearable tech are emerging to help patients stay on top of their disease management, telehealth allows doctors and patients to connect outside of the traditional office or hospital environment, and the use of 3D printing, AI and virtual reality are helping to save lives.

In West Michigan, physicians are using these emerging technologies to improve patient diagnosis, increase access to services, to improve drug research and more. This month we talked to a handful of doctors in the community about how emerging technologies are changing their practices and what future iterations might bring with them.

In this issue, we are also celebrating the many outdoor fitness opportunities available. Parks abound throughout the city so grab a resistance band and head outdoors for your next workout. You can find out how to stay safe and gain tips on planning your workout from Life Addicts trainers Travis and Whitney Washington. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard jump rope, push-ups or hill climbing, check out our pieces on GR Paddling and Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club.

We also take a look at the rise of animal sanctuaries in this issue by visiting Dominion Sanctuary in Sparta. Run by the Gadziemski family, Dominion Sanctuary takes in pigs and chickens and ensures they have a life that won’t end on a plate.

If you’re looking for a good book this month, consider taking one from the Black Book Exchange Boxes located around town. Aarie Wade wanted to make it easier for her daughters and her community to find books reflecting Black people’s experiences, so she began a book exchange box devoted to literature by and about Black individuals. The boxes have grown from one to six and there will be even more coming this year.

Stay healthy!

Charlsie Dewey
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids Magazine

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