Editor’s letter: Choose your own adventure

Grand Rapids Beer Trolley makes a stop at Founders. Courtesy Experience Grand Rapids/Paul Jendrasiak

Grand Rapids has so many activities to choose from, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to decide just what to go do. So, we’ve put together a list of “25 activities every Grand Rapidian should try” and we split them up into seasons to help you pace yourself in tackling this list.

This month, we also delved into the world of pet ownership with a feature on caring for your senior pets. We spoke with local vets, a pet nutritionist and more to find out how to best care for our pets as they age. As the owner of an almost-18-year-old cat, I had to adapt to many changes over the years as my cat aged to help ensure her quality of life continued. Sadly, while working on this issue, I had to say goodbye to her, but I’m thankful she lived such a healthy, happy life for so long.

Unfortunately, we aren’t back to our normal lives yet, so we continue to look at socially distanced activities you and your family can enjoy in our Guide, and we rounded up a selection of to-go cocktails offered by local restaurants. And don’t forget to check out newly opened GRNoir, a jazz and wine bar that has been selling wine to-go since opening late last year.

The pandemic has not stopped new businesses from opening. We introduce you to the guys behind new brewery Black Calder Brewing, a new food startup called Driftwood and Terra Bagels, the newest venture from Terra’s owner and executive chef.

This issue also contains tips on updating your main bedroom and decking out your pad with plants to perk up your mood this spring.

Take care.

Charlsie Dewey
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids Magazine

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