Eye on the prize– venue registration now open

2022 ArtPrize exhibit, EIRO. Photo by Bryan Esler

Artists who would like to participate in 2023 ArtPrize, which takes place Sept. 14 – Oct. 1, can now register.

Photo by Bryan Esler

The City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and Kendall College of Art & Design announced today the official start of 2023 ArtPrize which begins with venue registration, the first step in public participation in the annual 18-day festival. This step in the process also sets the foundation for Artist Registration and Grant applications. 

ArtPrize 2.0 Executive Director Catlin Whitington. Courtesy photo.

“We are working with the community to build a new ArtPrize, and this means there are elements, like our website, that will evolve in the coming weeks as we together redefine what ArtPrize is,” said ArtPrize Executive Director Catlin Whitington.”We want to honor ArtPrize’s legacy, while bringing new life to the experience for local residents and businesses, along with the global artist and art-loving community.”

Everywhere from restaurants and parks to boutiques, hotels and street corners – spaces across the city  –  will offer the chance to display art for locals and visitors to enjoy.

With the robust prizing and expanded juror categories confirmed, ArtPrize is well positioned to continue its’ significant positive impact on the local economy. According to event organizers, $34.6 million in economic output was generated in 2022.

Venue registration is open April 13 and closes on May 26. Visit the ArtPrize website to register here.

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