Experience the stars at Studio Park

Immersive outdoor exhibit, FUSION, one of many free ArtPrize events
Artistic rendering of "FUSION," an upcoming immersive exhibit at Studio Park.

Photo courtesy of LiCHTPiRATEN

People are used to seeing stars on the big screen at studio park, but an immersive exhibit planned for this year’s ArtPrize will allow viewers to experience the energy of stars of a different type, thanks to an artistic duo from Germany. 

The show is called, “FUSION,” and it’s an outdoor exhibit featuring digital light sculptures presented in the outdoor piazza at Studio Park. The immersive exhibit is one of several free events taking place in the Studio Park piazza during ArtPrize 2022.

FUSION is the artistic expression of Caren Mueller and Christian Markwart of LiCHTPiRATEN from Berlin, Germany. The duo create sonic projections that arise from sound frequencies to create digital images projected on the surrounding cityscape and sky. The project aims to show “the invisible world of particles and nuclei, magnetic field lines, plasma conditions and energy that connects us all,” according to the artists.

“They have performed in spectacular venues around the world in castles and caves and mountains,” said Quinn Mathews, Director of Music and Programming at Studio Park. “And now, they are bringing a site-specific performance to Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids. We know that people are in for an experience that will mesmerize.”

FUSION will take place in four unique events, each beginning after dark at 8:30 p.m. The first FUSION exhibit starts Friday, Sept. 16, with additional shows on Sept. 18, 22 and 28.

“We are interested in drawing people into immersive experiences that show a multitude of ways that we are connected,” said Mathews. “FUSION, and other programs we have planned, will do just that in an unusual and powerful way.”

Studio Park is the venue for the Grand Rapids Film Festival, Monday, Sept. 25 and the ArtPrize Closing Ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Other notable, not-to-be-missed upcoming events taking place at Studio Park include an African American Art and Music Festival on Saturday, Sept. 17 and the Confluence Festival on Saturday, Sept. 23. For more information on the Confluence festival, visit the Confluence Festival website

Studio Park is home to several restaurants and bars, a cinema with nine screens, the Listening Room, an intimate, 200-seat performance space featuring local and nationally touring acts, with an outdoor gathering space in the center of it all. 

Studio Park is a large pedestrian-friendly area situated between Ottawa and Ionia Avenues, with the south boundary at Cherry St. and Oakes St. on the north. The Parking garage for Studio Park is located at 120 Ottawa Ave., SW in downtown Grand Rapids. 




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