Founders releases new breakfast ‘Bastard’

    Photo courtesy of Founders Brewing Co.

    Move over, Backwoods Bastard, French Toast Bastard’s coming through. 

    It all started with Dirty Bastard. Seven varieties of imported malts combined with smoke and peat, make up the malty and rich bourbon barrel-aged Scotch ale. 

    These “kick-back sippers” were born out of the brewer’s desire to diversify into barrel aged beverages. 

    “You put the right beer in the right barrel and you’re going to create some pretty interesting flavors,” said Founders  Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki, thus came Backwoods Bastard:  earthy, oaky, with  sweet caramel and roasted malts and “a scintilla of dark fruit,” claims the brewery’s description. 

    By adding hints of maple, warm cinnamon and notes of sweet vanilla to its predecessor, French Toast Bastard was born. With an ABV of 11.1 and IBU of 50, which means it falls a little on the sweeter side.

    According to Aaron Hoerenke in his blog post, “Brewery 101: What is IBU?”:  IBU stands for “International Bitterness Unit” or “International Bittering Unit,” depending on who you ask.

    A high IBU means it’s more bitter than a beer with a  low IBU and most beers fall somewhere between about 5 IBU and 120 IBU. Somewhere between 10 and 80 are most common for commercial and craft beers.

    French Toast Bastard is available at Founders Taproom and will hit the store shelves  in 4-pack bottles (everywhere but Utah and Mississippi) in November.

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