Hillcrest Dog Park gets a makeover

    Hillcrest Dog Park, photo by Lisa Enos

    The city’s canine residents have something to wag their tails about. 

    Hillcrest Dog Park, located at 250 Fuller Ave. NE,  has expanded and added a cadre of new amenities including, a wooded nature path, some new benches, a drinking fountain with dog bowl (finally), a bike loop, landscaping upgrades and more. Even a new sign is in the works. 

    “We have many dog owners in Grand Rapids,” David Marquardt, the city’s parks and recreation director said. “It’s important that we create innovative, safe, multi use spaces for dogs and their owners to play, exercise, relax, and connect with others.”

    According to the City of Grand Rapids website, 22 parks were approved for renovations in the 2021-2022 fiscal year thanks to a dedicated parks millage approved by Grand Rapids voters in 2019.

    The millage provides approximately $5 million each year for repair, maintenance  and new improvements to parks, as well as city pools and playgrounds. Improvements may include repairs to old or broken amenities and new amenities that fit the needs of neighborhood residents . In the case of Hillcrest Park, canine residents, too. 

    More dog parks are proposed for Riverside Park, Highland Park and an undisclosed  southeast location.


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