GR|MAG Writers Share What They Are Looking Forward to in 2018


Thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? GR|MAG asked its contributors to share something they are looking forward to trying or checking out in Grand Rapids in 2018. Feel free to steal their ideas or share your own in the comments.

“I hope to explore some of GR’s local parks….via snowshoes! I love hiking in the summertime but avoid the cold at all costs. In 2018, I hope to open my heart up to winter and stay active!” – Kate Wert, organization columnist.

“I hope to FINALLY have a meal at Matchbox. I have been dying to check it out since it opened. I hear phenomenal things!” – Pasha Shipp, arts & culture writer

“2018 is the year that I will finally ‘luge like an Olympian’ at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. Over three decades, the program has instructed thousands of sliders, age eight to 80, to safely and successfully slide. I still fall within that range, so here goes!” – Kerri VanderHoff, theater reviewer

“It’s the 50th anniversary of Opera Grand Rapids, and they’re putting on “The Marriage of Figaro” in May. I’m looking forward to seeing the performance — I’ve never been to a production before, and Mozart’s witty opera is one of my favorites.” – Austin Langlois, food & drinks writer

“Along with keeping up with the always-growing beer scene in West Michigan, I want to dive further into the fun histories that exist here, beyond the beverages. Whether its cool buildings, the history of movie theaters, churches or other businesses, there’s so much cool depth to the city!” – Pat Evans, Beer Columnist

“I hope to go ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle this winter!” – Megan Sarnacki, Culture & Lifestyle writer

“In 2018, I hope to start dipping my toes into the world of small business. I want to challenge myself to meet more vintage/fashion lovers in our community and put together an official plan for an Etsy or online related vintage resale shop.” – Amy Baird, vintage Columnist

“Anything that remotely reminds me of my time in Paris, has my heart. I need a date (friendly or romantic) at the New Hotel Mertens. I’ve got the dessert menu memorized and I want to sip a Grand Rapids Fizz while staring dreamily out the window like a devastatingly beautiful woman in a beloved French novel. In related news, I love a good theme.” – Missy Black, fashion & style writer

Chaffee Planetarium – Grand Rapids Public Museum

“I am looking forward to seeing a “Concert Under the Stars” at the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium. I’m also looking forward to catching a few LaughFest shows in March.” – Charlsie Dewey, GR|MAG editor

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