Tips & Tricks for Flourishing Window Boxes & Flower Beds

Romence Gardens
Romence Gardens

If you’re plotting out your window boxes and flower beds this weekend, Romence Gardens has some tips and tricks to help ensure you purchase the right plants for your yard.

“The first question that I always ask is about location,” said Katey Romence, of Romence Gardens & Greenhouse.

Romence said choosing the right plants has everything to do with “the amount of sun, what time the sun hits the plants and how easy it will be to provide water” to the plants.

Romence Gardens
Romence Gardens

“Full sun to part sun means that plants need a minimum of five or six hours of sun with some of that being during 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Full to part shade means less than five hours of sun and preferably in the morning or late day so it is not too intense,” Romence said.

She said her next considerations are customer’s watering and maintenance habits. “If they can water regularly that is my main concern,” she said.

Next up, color! “I always ask about colors they like or dislike to get them going in the right direction. What color is the house? If it is darker…pick lighter flowers that will pop and not blend in. If it is lighter in color choose a brighter, darker color to show up.

“When it comes to shade, flowers don’t always do really well so I work with lots of different greenery shades – lime, kelly, darker – texture for depth – ferny, larger leafed and smaller leafed – and finally a pop of white to try and bring the eye.”

Romence said another important key to making sure your plants flourish all summer long is soil – and lots of it. “The more soil the easier it is to take care of and the larger and healthier your plants will be.”

*Photos courtesy of Romence Gardens & Greenhouse

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