Survey: 34% of Generation Z doesn’t trust online stores

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According to a research study by Tidio, 34% of Generation Z, those born from 1997-2012, believe that the majority of online stores are untrustworthy.

The study also revealed that the overuse of large promotional banners and popups doubles the number of customers who don’t trust a website.

Tidio also found that more than two-thirds of customers stopped mid-shopping because something on the website had alarmed them.

According to the survey, trust in e-commerce websites varies depending on generation. For Generation Z, 1 in 3 people said they think online stores are untrustworthy. That number jumps to 1 in 5 for millennials, and of the Generation X members surveyed, just 1 in 6 people think online stores are untrustworthy.

The survey also noted most website visitors don’t recognize trust seals. Some of the top 10 most popular security seals are still recognized by less than 10% of shoppers.

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