Survey: 1 in 5 Michiganders say they drink more during winter months

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A recent survey conducted by shows that 20% of Michigan residents say they drink more when the weather turns cold.

Of these drinks, the top five most preferred are as follows:

  1. Beer
  2. Wine
  3. Whiskey
  4. Irish cream liqueur
  5. Hot toddy

To get these results,, a leading provider of addiction treatment resources, surveyed 3,000 adults in the United States. Additionally, 83% say they’re more likely to consume alcohol when they feel low during the winter than the summer, and 36% say they would prefer to have a drink on a cold winter’s night than a hot summer’s day.

Of those who did the survey, 12% said one reason they drink in winter is to warm up. While drinking alcohol often creates a warm sensation, alcohol actually takes heat from your vital organs, lowering your core temperature, according to Ten percent of survey responders also falsely believe that alcohol can protect against hypothermia.

The experts at advise that to avoid any adverse health complications, it’s best to avoid alcohol on cold nights altogether. Simple actions like bundling up, eating warm food or finding ways to be active will keep you warm much more effectively than alcohol.

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