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Olivia Fitzpatrick of Livstyled
Olivia Fitzpatrick of Livstyled

Before you purchase one more on-trend clothing item, maybe what you really need in your closet is a personal stylist? Hooking up with a stylist can help you navigate the fickle world of fashion more than you ever realized. Get to know these four women of style as they take us on a journey and explain what they do, what to look for and offer priceless style tips along the way.

OLIVIA FITZPATRICK has a defined look: eclectic casual meets chic grunge. “There’s little bits of all four of those things that are consistent in my style. Most of my clients don’t fall into one category and I don’t either.” Fitzpatrick attended fashion school and when talk turns to stocking closets for both men and women, she’s got advice.

“Get a statement jacket. Oversized jackets are trendy this fall but make a statement in fabric or print. It’s a good staple to have.” She finds the most excitement comes from styling outfits from what women already own. From second-guessing to feeling overwhelmed, this stylist knows it’s about getting to the treasures that people are used to looking beyond. “Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your wardrobe.”

Style Tip: Don’t overthink trends. If the newest thing is a specific color, print or item, sometimes that’s all you need with a pair of jeans and a tee. Is leopard print hot? Forget the full commitment of a jacket or dress, instead infuse small accent pieces such as a pair of boots or a handbag for the look. 

Olivia Fitzpatrick from Livstyled
Olivia Fitzpatrick of Livstyled

LATESHA LIPSCOMB is a double threat. While she’s a cosmetic concierge, she’s also a clothing whiz, especially when it comes to the full-figured woman. “Oftentimes when you’re plus-sized, it’s difficult to rock the latest trends. Since style is eternal, I think the most important thing we ever wear is confidence!” She launched East Meets West Thrift POP-Up shops at her I Got Face Studio and developed a fashion following.

When it comes to beauty suggestions, she swears by the KPS Essentials line (from Grand Rapids). “Everything from the face wash to the eye serum is amazing. KPS is my go-to fountain of youth.” Her cosmetic counsel includes: “Whether you’re wearing 3-D Mink Lashes or trying out microblading for the first time—this season, the eyes have it!”

Style tip: Her all-time favorite budget buy are the false lashes from LA Colors. Find them at your local Family Dollar or Dollar Tree stores. Gone are the days when you must pay eight bucks for a single pair of good lashes.

Latesha Lipscomb of I GOT FACE
Latesha Lipscomb of I GOT FACE Studio

MADELINE MIHALY recently wore a black boyfriend blazer with a mustard-colored sweater shell underneath paired with silky joggers with tigers printed on them. It’s a formula some might call quirky classic.  This fall, the wardrobe consultant is calling for men and women to stock up on blazers—think elbow patches for the gents and patterns or boyfriend fit for the ladies.

Other items include a faux leather jacket (instant cool factor) and a boot or closed-toe shoe that makes you feel like a million bucks. “I like to teach people how to dress for their lifestyle and body type.” She’s even set goals for herself. “I’m trying to buy pieces to wear in and outside of the office.” Mihaly tackles winter fashion blahs too and has instructions on layering. “Use thinner materials for layers so you don’t end up looking too bulky.”

Style Tip: Step away from the cardigan, ladies. It can be a clothing crutch. Switch it out for a more structured blazer or leather jacket to create different silhouettes.  

Madeline Mihaly
Madeline Mihaly

MICHELLE KRICK has been serving up style since her college days working at Nordstrom. “I love the confidence people gain when they have an outfit they feel good in.” She’s here to squash the misconception that stylists are too pricey. “Making time to evaluate what you have in your closet is cost effective.”

She also wants to help stop the vicious cycle of constant purchases and the persistent feeling that you have nothing to wear. You could spend all day listening to her fashion philosophies (that, coincidentally, could be printed on graphic tees). “Your closet can go a lot further than you think. Never force something that doesn’t fit your style. Remember to invest in yourself.” She’s the woman who’s excited to push clients a smidge out of their comfort zone while still staying in their style lane.

Style tip: Athleisure is still huge. Women and men can focus on the varsity stripe or color blocking details. It’s easy to dress up or down and is a great theme to mix with other prints.

Michelle Krick
Michelle Krick

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*Main photo courtesy of Olivia Fitzpatrick. All other photos courtesy of individual stylists.

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