Designer Rc Caylan Talks Dressing for the Holidays

Photo by David Spetch
Photo by David Spetch

It’s the holiday season and that means holiday parties of all sorts. GR|MAG talked with local designer Rc Caylan, of RC Caylan Atelier, to find out what’s in fashion this winter and how to show off your personal style at any holiday shindig.

GR|MAG: Do you have any tips for GR|MAG readers about how to get glammed up for these different outings: the office party, Christmas Eve cocktails, New Years Eve extravagance?

RC: Definitely going to events for this holiday season is something we are all looking forward too because its a celebration of family, relationships, co-workers, peace, love and prosperity for the coming new year. It isn’t necessarily that you have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe to attend events this holiday season. It’s all about practicality, wear-ability and comfort-ability.

In fashion sense, to be able to stand out in the crowd, you definitely have to know the trends for this holiday season and make sure that what you are wearing is appropriate to the event you are going to.

GR|MAG: What kinds of trends do you expect to see in the next few weeks in holiday attire?

RC: Trends that we will expect to see in the next few weeks are lots of classic looks, from tuxedos for men and vintage glam gowns for women. But there’s always surprising looks that we always see in events like Christmas and New Years Eve parties.

This year, colors have to do with green, and most designers, brands and textile companies have created something with green color. With that being said, we will expect this color in most parties.

It does not end there, style trends come with various interpretations from different inspirations. We will definitely be seeing sleek sequined jumpsuits and dresses, metallic fabrication, the combination of soft and hard texture fabric cutouts (silks and laces), and you cannot miss the fluffy furs to accentuate our cold weather.

GR|MAG: I always struggle with being freezing cold. Is there any way to dress up but also stay warm at holiday shindigs?

RC: There’s a saying that goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” that can be applied to our struggles in times like cold weather or feeling frozen. To keep yourself feeling warm this coming holiday season wear thicker fabrics, knits, cashmere and wools, which are great examples of classic reinforcement for cold weather.

Many brands sell dresses or men’s sweaters using these textiles, and that really helps us feel warm and we don’t have to over layer. And do not forget knee high boots if you’re wearing short dresses.

GR|MAG: What about for the men. How can they show off their personal style during the holiday season?

RC: Men always have the ability to showcase their personal style even during this cold holiday season. Men are easy. They do not need to over accessorize. All they need to do to really shine is to wear those velvety jackets with a little bling embellishments on it, and surely you can never go wrong with that look.

GR|MAG: Do you have any fun holiday parties lined up? What do you plan to wear for the occasion? 

RC: Holiday season to me is always family and friends time. This year’s holiday parties that I am going to are mostly casual. Honestly, I haven’t really thought about exactly what I will be wearing for these coming events. My fashion sense always changes the day before the event. Also, it differs based on my mood.

Rc Caylan Fall Fashion Show at JW Marriott. Photo by Kyle Bultman
Rc Caylan Fall Fashion Show at JW Marriott. Photo by Kyle Bultman

GR|MAG: You design some stunning dresses as well as wedding dresses, what’s inspiring your work right now?

RC: As a designer, you have to have to create a collection six months ahead of the season. My recent collection Spring/Summer 2018 that I have showcased recently was inspired from the Enchanted Kingdom (Enchanté), using different colors incorporated with my modern interpretations of classic silhouettes complimenting the different personalities of princesses from different kingdoms of the Enchanted Kingdom.

As of the moment, I am already starting collecting my thoughts for my next collection that I will be showcasing for the upcoming Chicago Fashion Week this coming April 28, 2018. I will be a headlining designer closing the fashion week. To be able to create a cohesive and thoughtful collection, you really have to dig deeper, being inspired from many aspects, it can be anything, but I am always fascinated with emotions, feelings and nature.

GR|MAG: Going into 2018, what do you expect to see in fashion for the coming year?

RC: This coming 2018 we will definitely see a lot of florals, sheer dresses, prints, ruffles and don’t forget the sequins.

GR|MAG: Are there any other fashion or style tips you’d like to share with GR|MAG readers for the holiday season?

RC: Honestly, style is an individual preference. It’s what makes us all happy, and fashion comes with it naturally. Financially, again, be practical, and yet still exude fashionably stylish.

*Interview slightly edited for clarity

**Main photo by David Specht

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