Study: Grand Rapids among the worst cities for allergies

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New data from air filter company Filterbuy found that Grand Rapids residents are among those most impacted by seasonal allergies in the United States.

To determine the severity of allergies in American cities, the study assigned scores based on pollen counts, allergy medicine use and the number of allergists in America. A scale of 0-100 points was used for the scores, and Grand Rapids received a score of 75.64, ranking 21st worse.

The worst city was Richmond, Virginia, which scored 100 points. On the other side of Michigan, Detroit ranked 45th worst with a score of 64.91.

A summary of data for Grand Rapids is below:

  • Overall score (higher = worse for allergies):64
  • Spring seasonal allergies rank:27
  • Fall seasonal allergies rank: 17
  • Adults who report physical activity: 5%
  • Adults who report good physical health: 6%

And for reference, here are the stats for the entire United States:

  • Overall score (higher = worse for allergies): 65.50
  • Spring seasonal allergies rank: N/A
  • Fall seasonal allergies rank: N/A
  • Adults who report physical activity: 73.7%
  • Adults who report good physical health: 87.4%

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