Report: Michigan ranks as America’s 19th physically strongest state

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Life Vault, an online resource for powerlifting, bodybuilding and strength training, ranks Michigan as 19th on a list of America’s physically strongest states.

Michigan, with an average squat of 605 pounds, an average bench press of 387 pounds and an average deadlift of 674 pounds, doesn’t perform much worse than the top 10 states. Texas ranked as America’s strongest state, achieving averages of 687 pounds for the squat, 438 pounds for the bench press, and 742 pounds for the deadlift.

To do this research, Life Vault analyzed Open Powerlifting data spanning five years, focusing on three main powerlifting categories — the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. To be eligible for their state, each lifter had to be 18 years or older and receive a drug test. The lifters’ best competition performances were counted toward their state’s average.

The top 5 states:

1. Texas
2. Virginia
3. NY
4. California
5. North Carolina

The bottom 5 states:

46. Montana
47. West Virginia
48. Wyoming
49. Vermont
50. North Dakota

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