Man Up at The Nines


We’ll take one Bourbon Vanilla body wash and a Cherry Tobacco grooming oil, please

Hershel Tucker is into solving his own problems and his business, The Nines, is one handsome solution. He was looking for something that didn’t exist in the area when it came to men’s beauty, cosmetic and personal care products and it didn’t seem fair.

“We used to have The Art of Shaving in the mall,” said Tucker. “And I was sick of everything at the grocery stores—there was nothing of quality.” So he turned to online options. The switch led to shipping costs and unhappiness with products. In the end, Tucker wanted to offer his favorite items in one spot to give men more choices and to get tactile with things and experience a world of scent options—“because guys always get stuck with mint.”

The shop, exclusively for gentlemen, could be confused for a swank bar or lounge with reclaimed wood shelving carrying everything from beard essentials, all-natural deodorant, body and hair care, and a host of apothecary specialties. Exclusive lines include Mistral, Brickell, Drifter and Detroit Grooming Co.

The shortage of stores only focusing on men isn’t lost on Tucker and he wants to create a space solely for guys and with a level of comfort they’ve been missing.

“Men might be gun shy to look at some of the products,” said Tucker as he gives the example of the men’s Menaji makeup line (featuring anti-shine powder and tinted moisturizer). “I don’t know if a guy would pick up concealer without cracking a joke if a woman was around.”

The Nines is about men exploring options they didn’t know they had. Where women have Ulta, Bath & Body Works and Sephora—it’s mainly for women. Men need beauty and hygiene solutions, and searching out anti-aging or moisturizing care doesn’t make you less of a man—it just makes you human.

Perusing the discerning assortment of accessories with the boys in mind means finding surprises such as flavored toothpicks, perfume solids, the earlier mentioned men’s makeup and cologne-inspired dryer sheets.

“I look at grooming holistically. It’s not just about your face but your body and clothes,” said Tucker as he describes the laundry line he carries that features a more masculine scent. “Guys don’t want to run around smelling like lilacs and orchids. Plus, it’s nice to have something different than what your wife smells like. You use your own cologne and aftershave, so it makes perfect sense for the clothes.”

Because grooming is good self-care, Tucker will tell you looking and smelling good generally makes you feel better about yourself.

“Sometimes you can work from the outside in and it’s part of the reason to switch from plastic razors to something more quality that takes more time and effort. There’s a learning curve but it makes the shave more enjoyable.”


THE TRAVEL DOPP KIT comes with a face wash, shampoo, shaving cream and a face moisturizer all in travel sizes. With Tucker’s experience as a former truck driver, he knows it’s handy to have a little shave kit at the ready.

COLOGNE SOLIDS are small but make a big impact. Palmetto and Sterling are the most popular scents and are convenient for packing and carrying around in your pocket to freshen up as needed. It also lasts longer because of its oil base.

THE LAUNDRY GIFT SET offers detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, wrinkle releaser and a fabric freshener (like Febreze). All the items are based on a fresh cedarwood, oakmoss scent. Fact: the guy that has the best smelling laundry, keeps the women close.

FLAVORED TOOTHPICKS in single malt, bourbon, cinnamon and mint flavors are the best thing stockings have seen in ages. A little time and a gentle chew allow the bourbon’s botanicals and phenols to work their way from deep in the birch.

THE SHAVE SET is made up of separate things in the store that come together for a gift collection including a classic safety razor, shave soap, shave brush, cup and replacement razor blades all by Detroit Grooming Co. There’s nothing manlier than upgrading your shaving game.


If you’re sporting a beard, use beard wash and beard oils. Men often have dandruff in their beard and if the white flakes are leaving your scalp, they’re probably doing the same in the beard area leaving dust behind plus the condition can leave you itching. Utilizing quality beard products can eliminate the mess and discomfort and they come in various alluring scents.

Your man card is good here at The Nines located at 2090 Celebration Dr. NE., Ste. 108. Check them out at and on Instagram at @the_nines_shoppe.

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