Kula Yoga Relocates & Teams Up with Wanderlux

Kula Yoga and Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co.
Kula Yoga and Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co.

Megan Rader is moving Kula Yoga to a new, larger location that will give her the opportunity to provide more class offerings as well as childcare for yoga students taking classes, but that’s not all she’s excited about.

Along with two studio spaces upstairs in the converted house at 713 Wealthy Street, Rader will share the downstairs retail space with Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co., owned by Jessica Geerling. The two became friends after Geerling provided a spa day for Rader’s yoga teachers. Since both of their businesses are about self-care, Rader felt it was a logical next step to collaborate.

Megan Rader and Jessica Geerling
Megan Rader and Jessica Geerling

“I like the idea of being a female business owner and I love the idea of partnering with another female business owner,” she said. “As females, we already have things stacked against us, so it makes sense for women to join forces. We all thrive when we build each other up.

Rader is excited to stock her new retail space with thoughtfully curated eco-friendly products by independent, women-owned businesses, including oils by Soapy Layne and yoga mats by Hugger Mugger.

While Rader’s new space is decidedly female-centric, she wants to remind her male clients that they are still more than welcome. “We have a lot of male students at our current location on Division and we hope to maintain that community in our new location,” she said.

Kula Yoga and Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co. move into 713 Wealthy St.
Kula Yoga and Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co. moved into 713 Wealthy St.

Classes start at 713 Wealthy Street on July 6, and Rader is excited that the new East Hills neighborhood will give her the opportunity to offer pop up, donation-based classes in the garden behind Art of the Table, at the corner at Union and Wealthy. All proceeds will benefit Michele’s Rescue. Rader will announce classes the day before on Instagram.

*Photos courtesy of Kula Yoga

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