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9 design elements to turn your closet into a space you want to spend time in.
There are lots of things you can do to your closet to not only make it more efficient but make it a space you love. Courtesy Fuchsia Design

Raise your hand if you have clothes in the back of your closet that you haven’t seen in years and you’re tired of your closet looking like a mess. Are you thinking about a closet overhaul? It’s 2021, and somehow we still don’t have the closet inventory software from “Clueless,” but there are still lots of things you can do to your closet to not only make it more efficient but make it a space you love.

1 Make it pretty. Yes, it’s “just” a closet, but it’s also where you’re likely going to start and end most days, so it should also be beautiful. Your closet is the perfect spot for statement lighting and beautiful flooring. You also can consider a fun color on your shelving or a pop of pattern with wallpaper. Just have fun with it.

2 Let’s be honest — that stack of T-shirts or pile of sweatpants is never going to look tidy on open shelving. Your first move should be to display what’s pretty and conceal what’s not. Designer handbags or heels? Let’s give those the real estate they deserve and tuck away everything else in drawers or on shelves behind doors.

3 Metal dry-cleaning hangers. Multicolored plastic hangers. Wood hangers. All of these different colors, shapes and sizes are contributing to that feeling of clutter. Consider upgrading to velvet or wood hangers, and then stand back in awe at how pretty your clothes now look.

4 To save space, standard closet systems often come with 12-inch-deep shelving, but what you’re left with is clothes hanging over the edge that barely fit on the shelves. Increasing the depth of your shelves even just a few inches to 14 or 15 inches will make a world of difference.

5 Your storage needs are going to evolve over time. To ensure that your closet continues to serve you through the years, be sure to incorporate adjustable shelving anywhere there are shelves.

6 Lighting layers give your closet a boutique ambiance making it feel like you’re shopping in your own closet. Integrated LED lighting is perfect on open shelving intended for shoes or handbags, and a beautiful decorative light or chandelier will take your space to a whole new level.

7 Velvet, velvet, ooo la la! Velvet-lined jewelry organizer trays fit perfectly in small drawers and keep all of your treasures organized. You also can consider velvet dividers for belts and ties or velvet-lined drawers for your intimates to avoid possible snagging on wood surfaces.

8Speaking of drawers — you can never have too many! Drawers are the perfect versatile storage solution. To ensure you can comfortably access them, I recommend capping your top drawer height at between 48 and 54 inches above the floor.

9If you’re going to display all of your beautiful shoes, then you should have a place to comfortably sit down when trying them on. If you don’t have space for a built-in bench, a pretty chair in the corner layered with a sheepskin rug can be a great look.

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