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The (new) joys of working at home.

Working at home has become mainstream as quarantine forces us away from our normal workplaces and into the nooks and spare rooms of our dwellings. Creativity and necessity come together for these three people who have made space for work at home.

Michele Bosak
Curator of Exhibitions, Kendall College of Art and Design

Michele Bosak found herself divvying up the house so she and two housemates could work in separate spaces and have privacy for group calls. For the first six weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine, she worked at the dining room table or sitting on the sofa.

“When I worked from home in the past, this was sufficient,” she said. “Then I started not feeling good body-wise. About week seven, I decided to restructure my workspace.”

She positioned her desk near bookshelves already part of the living space, brought in an Eames dividing screen from another area, and claimed an ergonomic office chair. She now has a dedicated office space that allows her privacy but also the ability to see outside into her Eastown neighborhood.

“This space has helped tremendously to maintain structure for my day,” said Bosak. “It allows me to keep all my stuff in one place instead of having to move it to use the space for other things. It’s a huge help for productivity and it helps my brain.”

She can have her morning coffee outside, then walk to her home office and get started. “I don’t feel the level of preparation going to the work, which has made me more productive and my day starts earlier,” she said. “I have my library at my fingertips, including art and art theory books, as well as novels and nonfiction. I’ve re-engaged with reading.”

Top Products

  • Bose noise-canceling headphones. Bosak can listen to music without disturbing others and plans to use them when she’s back in her Kendall space. “A pricey investment but well worth it,” she said.
  • Task chair ergonomically set up for her body
  • File folders to keep papers grouped together
  • Task light
  • Mouse pad

Bree Byle
Interior Design Associate, Baker Publishing Group

Q: How did you create your office space?
A: I use my small dining table as my desk and positioned it so I can see outside. This is better than my windowless cubicle at work.

Q: How does this work in your studio apartment?
A: My large monitor takes up the whole table, so I DIYed a vertical desk space using IKEA toddler bed slats. I hang storage containers with S-hooks and use twine and clothespins to hang papers.

Q: What do you like about working from home?
A: No commute saves gas, time and money, and I don’t have to pack a lunch or wear makeup. I also get to listen to music or podcasts without headphones. I can concentrate without interruption — but I have to buy my own coffee.

Top Products

  • Task lighting, purchased from Target
  • Paintings bought from street vendors in Europe
  • Faux plants to make the space pretty

Missy Black

Copywriter, A.K. Rikk’s

Missy Black wanted an office with a creative atmosphere, replacing the ceiling fan and light with a gold chandelier. Courtesy Missy Black

Q: How has your office changed?
A: I needed an office with a creative atmosphere. I replaced a ceiling fan and small light with a big, gold chandelier, bought a faux marble desk with gold legs, and had wallpaper designed by local artist Mary Katherine installed on an accent wall.

Q: Why is having your own space so important?
A: When you carve out a space and make it yours, you set yourself up for success. And it’s nice to know you have your own little spot to work and for things like Zoom calls. When you make your space beautiful, you can create beautiful things.

Q: What did you discover as you created your office?
A: Wallpaper is making a huge comeback. And it feels good that the wallpaper came from a local artist.

Top Products

  • Unique office supplies such as gold scissors, stapler and catchall
  • Comfortable chair

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