Hollywood Glam meets the Mitten Man

Couple combines minimalism with glam for grand slam on riverfront renovation.
Natalie Pickup and Will Bransdorfer. Photo by David Sparks.

Welcome to the urban chic remodel project of the Dynamic Design Duo: Natalie Pickup and Will Bransdorfer. This hip couple not only has a passion for interior design, but they both own their own design companies. Natalie, “an athletic, fashion loving, font-obsessed graphic designer and illustrator” owns and operates her own high fashion t-shirt company. Will co-founded “The Mitten State,” featuring “super-soft apparel celebrating all things that make Michigan such a great place to live.”

When the couple met in 2018, it was an instant connection. They had a marathon seven-hour date, hitting some of Grand Rapids’ best spots. The date started with Maru Sushi, then Buffalo Trader’s Lounge and they ended up in the iconic West Side dive bar, The Anchor. Natalie had recently purchased her own downtown condo in the historic Boardwalk Building. As Will and Natalie’s relationship progressed, her solo remodel project soon became a labor of love for the two of them. They were able to combine Natalie’s sophisticated Hollywood “glam” style with Will’s penchant for mid-century modern minimalism to form a style that is urban and chic.


They’ve incorporated some very personal items as well. In their shared office space, a collection of retro Herman Miller summer picnic posters is artfully displayed on the wall. The series dates back to the 1970s.  Will received his first poster from his grandmother. They also have a collection of Picasso reproductions, reminiscent of their trips to Will’s birthplace of Spain. They have traveled to Barcelona several times together and had a romantic engagement on the island of Menorca.

The remodel project was not only about aesthetics, and creating a home that reflects both of their personalities, but the couple wanted to reconfigure the kitchen to accommodate their shared love of cooking and entertaining. By removing the center island, they created a larger, counter-height seating area that extends around the perimeter of the kitchen. This allows for more counter space where they can each let their dual cooking creativity flow. Especially notable is the untouched natural industrial wood ceiling with the raw beams. It makes for such an interesting juxtaposition of rustic and glam styles.  It maintains the integrity and history of the building itself, which was originally the Berkey and Gay Furniture Factory, built in 1882.  Will and Natalie have even more personal history now associated with their urban lifestyle, as they had their very own intimate rooftop wedding in Grand Rapids on New Year’s Eve of 2022.

For this creative, entrepreneurial powerhouse couple, truly…. The Sky is the Limit!

For more information visit nataliepickup.com and themittenstate.com.



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