Hit Up Local Vintage & Antique Shops for Great Halloween Finds


I’m an October baby, I live for all things fall. Naturally, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I am a huge advocate for finding costumes and decorations you can use year round and that can be repurposed. Who wouldn’t want to wear a creative costume that can also double as a power suit for a business interview?

I have a few recommendations that will leave some gasping in horror for the holidays as well as make a great contribution to your everyday personal style.

My go-to “costume”- centric shop is Flashback on Leonard/GRvintage Thrift. This is a store I’ve frequented for many years and I truly hold near and dear to my heart. It’s one of those stores you can go to and spend hours in because there is such a great variety of decade spanning vintage that does not disappoint. The key is to be on the prowl for items that are unique enough to dazzle for special occasions but simple enough for every day wear or display.

My number one Halloween costume must: Hats. I admit, in the past I never felt bold or confident enough to wear something on my head that says, “Hey everyone, notice me!” This changed as soon as I bought my first vintage pillbox hat. The colder seasons are very practical for fashionable headwear and the perfect time to take some fashionable risks. Hats can sometimes be imperative to refining a certain costume or desired look, too.

Pair a pillbox hat with 1960s style suit for the perfect Jackie O costume.
Pair a pillbox hat with a 1960s style suit for the perfect Jackie O costume.

Pictured is a two-piece wool suit I selected along with a pillbox hat for the perfect Jackie O costume. This wool suit is stunning with its rich red color and stylish ruffle for a little extra visible texture and detail. While this entire piece is very early 1960s Jackie era, this look without the hat could easily be worn in an office setting or to impress for a first interview. The two-piece suit and hat can be purchased for around $50.

If you are throwing a party or Halloween inspired event, Bluedoor Antiques & Elements has a great selection of old and new. I have always been a huge nerd for science and medical related antiques, I once found an embalming table for sale at a local antique store and had to talk myself out of finding a reason to own it. I tend to gravitate towards old medical drawings and diagrams as well as test tubes and medical equipment, which brings me to my number one Halloween decor rule: the creepier, the better.

Test tubes and beakers are great to display spooky neon liquids for Halloween and can easily be turned into tiny DIY terrariums for minimalist display the rest of the year. Individual beakers and test tubes cost anywhere from $7-$10 per piece.

Pictured below is another one of my favorite finds to weird out your guests (always a goal of mine). These tiny doll head bottle corks are definitely memorable with their haunting smiles and glassy-eyed stares. Easily cork them into most wine or apothecary bottles. For $6 each, these creepy corks will definitely be a conversation starter for any party.

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