Author: Amy Baird

Amy is a restaurant manager at a local taphouse. She is a GVSU Alum with a bachelor's degree in Communications and Advertising & Public Relations. Outside of work, Amy enjoys the food and beverage scene, you can find her scoping out the latest and greatest in food trends. Cat mom of 2. Guilty pleasures include horror movies and binge eating pasta. She hopes to one day own her own Etsy vintage shop.
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Amy Baird shows off her pink accordion sleeve vintage find.

Learn How to Blend Vintage Favorites with 2018 Spring/Summer Trends

One of the struggles I have with my existing vintage collection is finding the right time to wear certain pieces. Not all vintage clothing is for everyday wear or it can sometimes feel too out of date or over the top to wear if you’re in more of a modern mood. A challenge for myself this year is to utilize some of my existing vintage collection while also incorporating trends of 2018.