HealthBar offers acute antibody testing for concierge, drive-thru customers

While basic antibody tests simply give the user a “yes” or “no” answer, the AditxtScore test gives users a score for them to specifically determine how immune they are to COVID-19. Courtesy Healthbar

HealthBar partnered with Aditx Therapeutics to offer AditxtScore for COVID-19 throughout Michigan.

HealthBar provides on-demand health care services to consumers and businesses across its service areas. The company offers drive-thru and concierge COVID-19 testing, including rapid, PCR, antibody, and antigen tests. HealthBar also partners with organizations to provide at-location testing for employees, as well as an expanding menu of medical services.

“It’s crucial that we provide the best testing options available as businesses and schools begin to open across the state of Michigan,” said Nathan Baarfounder and CEO of HealthBar. “Aditxt’s unique immune monitoring technology backed by leading experts within the field provides unmatched information on protective immunity against COVID-19 and is a great addition to our roster of tests.”

As an AditxtScore channel partner, HealthBar now offers individual and employer clients AditxtScore for COVID-19 as an immune monitoring service. While basic antibody tests simply give the user a “yes” or “no” answer, the AditxtScore test gives users a score for them to specifically determine how immune they are to COVID-19.

“For instance, if I had a score of 85, my immune systems ready to rock,” Baar said. “If I got exposed, there’s a really good possibility I can fight it off.”

The AditxtScore is available to business clients whether they want to do a one-time test or a larger testing event for employees. HealthBar can offer the test on-site or at its drive-thru location at 412 Fuller Ave. NE, Grand Rapids.

Individual customers also can take the AditxtScore test at HealthBar’s drive-thru. The test only requires a small amount of blood, and users can expect results in three to four days.

“The applications are for almost everybody,” Baar said. “If you had COVID a while ago and want to be sure you have immunity, or if you just got immunized and want to know if your body builds a good immune response.”

This service will complement HealthBar’s current offerings and provide key information regarding immunity status. Aditxt’s CLIA-certified AditxtScore center will process specimens collected by HealthBar.

Amro Albanna, co-founder and CEO of Aditxt, added, “as we learn more about COVID-19, monitoring the immune system will be key to understanding a person’s level of immunity. We’re excited to begin working with the HealthBar team and expanding our AditxtScore channel partner network.”

HealthBar will continue to offer standard antibody testing. Although results are less accurate, they are immediate, and the standard test is more affordable.

Aditxt develops technologies focused on improving the health of the immune system through immune monitoring and reprogramming. The immune monitoring technology is designed to provide a personalized comprehensive profile of the immune system.

The immune reprogramming technology currently is at the pre-clinical stage and is designed to retrain the immune system to induce tolerance with an objective of addressing rejection of transplanted organs, autoimmune diseases and allergies.

HealthBar is a custom health care services company providing on-demand, concierge medical care to a wide variety of clients and industries. Services can be ordered as a package or independently.

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