GRPM continues partnership with Red Glasses Movement

A pair of red glasses will hang on the second floor of the Grand Rapids Public Museum to honor Audrey Jandernoa. Courtesy GRPM

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is continuing its partnership with the Red Glasses Movement, a nonprofit dedicated to living life to the fullest, acting on passions and spreading love and kindness everywhere.

Audrey Jandernoa Courtesy GRPM

The Red Glasses Movement honors the memory of 5-year-old Audrey Jandernoa, who died in 2018. She was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect but was known for “her red glasses, contagious smile and her lack of inhibitions.”

The partnership will bring awareness to the movement with a museum-sized pair of red glasses that are hung in the second-floor windows of the museum overlooking the river. Patrons throughout downtown can see the red glasses when passing by GRPM this fall.

“We are so honored to team up with Grand Rapids Public Museum,” said Kelly Jandernoa, executive director and co-founder of the Red Glasses Movement. “The museum continues to make accommodations for all individuals in order to promote full inclusion in their multisensory learning and fun environment. We think they are a great role model on how to promote curiosity, love big and continue to pass it on by serving all museumgoers.”

GRPM also will partner with the Red Glasses Movement for the opening of Sean Kenney’s Wild Connections Made with Lego Bricks exhibit Nov. 7. The museum will have a scavenger hunt where families will be searching for red glasses on a variety of artifacts, from people to animals.

“The museum is pleased to have an ongoing partnership with the Red Glasses Movement,” said Dale Robertson, president and CEO of GRPM. “We believe in their mission, and we’re proud to celebrate the life of a special young girl that continues to inspire and motivate our community to value the attributes, characteristics and perspectives that makes every person unique.”

Families can download the Red Glasses Movement scavenger hunt online at

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