Grill ’em

Fire up the grill this summer with these great items.
Eureka Camping Grill, $189.95, Bill & Paul’s Sportshaus,; Bitter Briques, $14.95, Spice Merchants,; Bravado BBQ Sauce – Pineapple & Habanero, $11.99, Spice Merchants; Loose Peppers, Salts and Spices, prices vary, Spice Merchants; M Salt, $8.95, Mason Jones,; White Ramekin, $18, Mason Jones; Feast From The Fire book, $21.95, Kennedy's Flowers & Gifts,; Laguiole France Knives, $149, Mason Jones; Marble Cutting Board, $38, Mason Jones; Rack of Ribs, $30, Slows Bar BQ,; Cherry Board with Glass Bowl, $150, Mason Jones; Marble Ramekins with Brass Spoons, $9.95 each Rebel,; Slows BBQ Sauce – SC Mustard, $8.99, Slows Bar BQ; Bravado BBQ Sauce – Black Garlic, $14.99, Spice Merchants. Photo by Angela Ciccu

Styled by Jennifer Pickering

In Michigan, grilling out is a beloved pastime. While some hardcore grill masters grill year-round, most of us are fair-weather grillers.

So indulge as much as you can this summer with these tools and flavorings. You can find them at retail stores around town.

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