Frames Unlimited Gallery to display pandemic paintings


Eight artists will have their paintings on display in the Silver Lining exhibition from April 9-May 30 at the Frames Unlimited Gallery, 2964 28th St. SE in Kentwood.

The artists are Lynn Anderson, Elaine Dalcher, Susan Ellison, Debra Reid Jenkins, Kathleen Kalinowski, Barbara Schilling, Judith Tummino and Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen.

Collectively, they created a large body of paintings during the pandemic despite not knowing each other prior to their Zoom meetings.

Anderson is a painter who works with both watercolors and oils. She paints outdoor in the style of the French Impressionists. In addition to being a painter, she also is a teacher.

Dalcher creates bold and colorful oil paintings that often feature “a landscape with a tree standing as a figure against the sky or of a power plant nestled dissonantly into the landscape.”

Ellison does graphite drawings and creates oil paintings. “She finds inspiration in a variety of subjects ranging from urban environments and industrial spaces to more traditional natural landscapes.”

Trained in portraiture, Jenkins has created children’s book and magazine illustrations. Her work reflects lights and patterns of water movements, waves, landscapes and natural outdoor objects.

Kalinowski is a contemporary impressionist painter who creates artworks in oil and pastel. Her paintings portray nature and different landscapes.

Schilling also is a contemporary impressionist painter. Her artwork features landscapes, still life, florals and small works.

Tummino’s paintings feature different landscapes, including trees, lakes, rivers, skylines, roadways and people.

Michmerhuizen paints high rises, flowers, waterfalls, trees, roadways, rural houses and industrial areas, among other objects.

For more information on the artists, visit their websites:

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