Cannabis retailer Fluresh launches first product line

The Fluresh Collection includes a drink enhancer and softgels. Courtesy Fluresh

Fluresh, a Michigan-based cannabis cultivator and processor, announced the launch of its Fluresh Collection, the brand’s introductory line of innovative cannabis offerings.

Through the Fluresh Collection, the company is introducing fast-acting, dose-controlled cannabis products for novice and experienced consumers who want a more customized and convenient way to incorporate cannabis into their daily routines.

“At Fluresh, we are leading the way for cannabis innovation and elevating the industry by redesigning the cannabis experience to be more approachable and customizable for not only new consumers but experienced consumers, as well,” said Tom Benson, CEO of Fluresh. “Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, proprietary cultivation processes and in-house R&D expertise allows us to bring new innovations to the cannabis market — such as faster-acting, better-tasting formulas, new formats and broader selections of cannabinoids — to provide current and new cannabis consumers with a wide variety of choices tailored to their lifestyles.”

Among the introductory line is the drink enhancer, designed to create a customizable cannabis mixed drink with an accelerated activation in 10-20 minutes.

Also new to market are Fluresh’s Be Well softgels, which take effect in as little as 10 minutes and deliver terpenes that may naturally support wellness concerns such as sleep, anxiety and pain (not yet evaluated by the FDA).

The Fluresh Collection also consists of more traditional cannabis formats such as single-origin flower, pre-rolls, live-resin vapes and concentrates.

“We are increasingly finding that more and more consumers are looking for cannabis offerings that are high quality, consistent and fit seamlessly into their daily routines,” said Nic Hernandez, manager of the Fluresh store in Grand Rapids. “Since we began selling the Fluresh Collection at our store, we’ve been thrilled with how customers have reacted to it. They love the packaging, the variety of formats and are repeatedly looking for these products time and time again. It truly stands out.”

The Fluresh Collection of cannabis offerings can be found in retailers across Michigan through the company’s wholesale network of recreational and medical retail stores, and at the Fluresh retail store in Grand Rapids.

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