Blandford Nature Center wins maple syrup contest

Maple syrups were judged based on color and taste. Courtesy Blandford Nature Center

The Blandford Nature Center won Alpine Historical Commission’s 2021 Maple Syrup Contest.

It was the nature center’s first time winning the contest that featured five other maple producers. Maple syrups were judge based on color and taste. The Alpine Historical Commission’s contest started in 2010.

“It was one to 10 (scale) on color and one to 100 on taste,” said Mary Alt, one of the organizers of the contest. “So the taste was a major factor to winning. It was a blind taste where no judge knew whose syrup it was. We used letters and numbers to keep the maple syrup producers secret from the judges and those watching them judge the syrup. Then, the historical commission added up the scores linked to whose maple syrup it was.”

Blandford Nature Center is a nonprofit that offers educational programs about nature and wildlife. It also offers family education on the making of maple syrup.

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