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When you crave comfort food, these are some tasty recommendations.

Grand Rapids is full of incredible restaurants of all types, far too many to list in the pages of Grand Rapids Magazine. Beyond the fancier restaurants within the Grand Rapids borders, there are a lot of great date-night spots in the greater Grand Rapids area and places to enjoy incredible morsels for everyday occasions.

Here are some that are worth a try:

Schnitz Deli

Sandwiches are a dime a dozen, but few in Grand Rapids put together a fresh deli sandwich like Schnitz. The deli has topped the Grand Rapids Magazine Best Of Readers Poll as best deli for years and that’s because the sandwiches are top-notch. So are the soups.


Fried chicken isn’t exactly a hard sell, but hot chicken was the belle of the ball a few years ago and fried chicken sandwiches took the world by storm in 2020. Hancock hits both on the head and out of the ballpark, to mix some metaphors.

Wei Wei Palace

For a traditional Chinese dim sum experience, head out to South Division Avenue near 43rd Street. While Wei Wei Palace also serves up more Americanized Chinese dishes, diners should experience the wonderful flavors of the real deal, at least Cantonese style.

Chez Olga

Like properly spicy food? Chez Olga is among the best bets for that in Grand Rapids. The Caribbean-themed restaurant allows diners to take a trip all over the region, with plenty of options.

Mikado Sushi

Grand Rapids’ best sushi spot very likely can be found in a strip mall, which is where longtime staple Mikado opened in 1995. The fish is fresh and the menu carries an incredible value for quality sushi in Grand Rapids.

Forty Acres Soul Kitchen

A true representation of Southern comfort food is hard to come by in mainstream Grand Rapids restaurants, but not at Forty Acres Soul Kitchen, where the food will put meat on your ribs and a smile on your face.

Noco Provisions

There are a lot of places that claim a really tasty hamburger. There’s plenty of different styles of hamburgers as well, so while it may be a matter of preference, Noco Provisions offers a savory and mouthwatering burger a diner probably won’t soon forget.


One of the original Downtown Market vendors, Aperitivo has expanded its footprint in the downtown attraction. That’s good news for lovers of a casual meal of meat, cheese, bread and accouterments. It can be a true culinary adventure when matching with the appropriate beverages.

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