West Michigan Whitecaps Call on Fans to Create Concession Snack

West Michigan Whitecaps Beercheese Poutine
West Michigan Whitecaps Beercheese Poutine

Fancy yourself a chef? The West Michigan Whitecaps are once again calling on fans to contribute ideas for its 2018 concession’s menu.

Last year’s winner, Beercheese Poutine (waffle fries, pulled pork, beercheese and BBQ sauce), was a big hit, even winning Ballpark Digest’s “Biggest New Food Item” in 2017.

Other past winners include: Baco (a bacon-shelled taco), Dutch Love (a combination of pot roast, cheese curds, French fries and turkey gravy), and Hot to Tot (tater tots topped with pulled pork, hot sauce, and bleu cheese).

The very first winner was Declaration of Indigestion, a foot long hot dog covered in a Philly cheesesteak.

The annual Fan Food Contest is in its ninth year and each year the entries get more and more creative, according to Jason Brower, fan engagement & social media coordinator for the West Michigan Whitecaps.

“We usually receive hundreds of entries from fans across West Michigan and beyond. Everything from dessert items, to giant burgers, to combinations you would never think of. It is fun seeing how creative our fans can get with their food ideas,” he said.

Fans can submit their food ideas now through Jan. 31 through a link on the West Michigan Whitecaps website as well as all of its social media channels.

The submissions will be pared down to a top 10 List and then fans will have the opportunity to vote. “This year that Top 10 voting will start on Tuesday, Feb. 27 and run for about two weeks. The top vote-getter will be on the Fifth Third Ballpark menu for the 2018 season.”

Brower shared the following tips on creating a winning snack for fans, “It has to be a pretty basic idea for us to consider it for the vote. Our staff has to mass-produce this item during the season so if you start getting into recipes and many different steps it just will not work for the ballpark.”

Brower said some menu items remain on the Fifth Third Ballpark menu beyond their winning season. “We have had a few that have stayed for a couple seasons and others that were just on the menu for one season.”

Try the winning item on April 5 during the Whitecaps season opener against South Bend.

*Photo courtesy of West Michigan Whitecaps

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