TwoGuys Brewing wins Grand Rapids Magazine’s inaugural Battle of the Breweries bracket challenge

The TwoGuys Brewing staff celebrates its 2020 Battle of the Breweries title. Photo by Andrea Straw

A Wyoming-based brewery reigned supreme as the region’s most popular brewery, according to readers.

TwoGuys Brewing won Grand Rapids Magazine’s inaugural Battle of the Breweries bracket competition, securing 82 more votes than Cedar Springs Brewing Co. in the final, 371-289.

“The entire TwoGuys crew thanks our community for their belief in us,” said Amy Payne, TwoGuys owner/manager. “We wouldn’t be where we are without the trailblazing of Bells, Founders and New Holland, or the teamwork of the others in our community like Cedar Springs, Mitten Brewing, Railtown, Gravel Bottom and Speciation, among many others.”

Nearly 26,000 votes were cast in the monthlong competition that featured 32 of the top breweries in the region going head to head in a bracket-style competition. TwoGuys accumulated 2,488 total votes en route to being crowned the champion.

On its path to victory, TwoGuys beat Comstock Park-based Perrin Brewing in the first round and went on to take down Kalamazoo-based Bell’s Brewery in the third, taking 76.4% of the vote in a 521-161 win. It also beat The Mitten Brewing Co. in the semifinals after The Mitten beat New Holland Brewing 431-229 in the previous matchup.

Cedar Springs’ run included a victory over Grand Rapids’ largest brewery, Founders, in the third round, 413-260, and a 407-209 win over Grand Haven-based Odd Side Ales.

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