The results of the Grand Rapids Magazine Battle of the Breweries are in, and guess what? We have a tie, folks!

City Built Brewing Company and The Mitten Brewing Company ended the final round of the competition with the exact same number of votes in our friendly bracketed competition for the area’s best brewery.

The big four weren’t far behind when the final votes were tallied, but City Built and The Mitten reigned supreme, snatching the proverbial crown from some of the hottest beer brands in the business.

The fact these two small-by-comparison purveyors of Grand Rapids’ favorite beverage (beer) managed to outshine brewers with award-winning national standing only goes to show how committed and loyal beer drinkers are to the brands they deem tastiest.

Right out of the gate, the mighty Mitten’s fans showed up, casting votes for the ten-years-in-business west side staple that also doubles as one of the city’s favorite pizza parlors. By round four, steadfast City Built was gaining on their worthy opponent and managed to pull in more votes than all but two others in that round of the competition. In the semi-finals City Built emerged as the clear victor over a well-established brewery from a tad north of the city, and Mitten toppled a famous brewer from the south. The final round had City Built and Mitten neck-and-neck as they rounded the curve to the finish line.

Well done to all who participated, and to our victors go the spoils: Bragging rights until next time!

Click on the image below to view the full bracket:

Battle of the Breweries 2023 breakdown