Survey: 1 in 3 Michiganders consider their local bartender a friend

One Twenty Three tavern bar bartender
Courtesy One Twenty Three Tavern

A third of Michigan drinkers said their relationship with their local barkeep goes deeper than small talk.

A survey of 3,255 drinkers by, a website of the American Addiction Centers, found over a third (34%) of those in Michigan consider their local bartender a friend.

The following infographic created for the site’s blog shows the percentage of people in each state who consider themselves friends with their bartender.

“That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with having a good old-fashioned conversation with your server; however, the fact that so many drinkers are actually friends with their bartender could indicate that they frequent the bar more regularly than what may be considered healthy,” a spokesperson said of the report.

From the barkeeps’ perspective, more than half (57%) of bartenders surveyed said they’ve had to stop customers from driving home drunk by calling them a ride-hailing service. Nearly 1 in 4 also said they have taken customers’ car keys to prevent them from driving.

The infographic created from survey data is online.

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