Saugatuck Brewing snags former Busch boss

Saugatuck Brewing Company CEO John Miller.

With Bud Light’s decision to employ trans activist influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson, only to watch its stock crater, it’s hard to believe beer could become a divisive topic. John Miller, Saugatuck Brewing Company’s new CEO, and a veteran with 33 years of experience in the beverage industry, 22 years of which were spent at Anheuser-Busch, had no comment on the controversy. Instead, he’s focusing on leveraging his experience and partnering with West Michigan beer drinkers, wholesalers, and distributors to drive business and provide customers with the finest beer his talented team can provide. 

While many companies have adopted Environmental Social Governance, policies, John Miller, Saugatuck Brewing, and the talented team he has assembled, are not concerned with ESG. Instead, they are focused on one thing: bringing people together and delivering quality beer that people will love.

As a lifelong “beer guy,” relocating his family to Western Michigan, and having the chance to join the Grand Rapids beer community was an easy decision for him and his family to make. An avid fly fisherman, it’s easy to see why Miller recommends the newly released, very approachable, Rainbow IPA, picturing beautiful artwork of a rainbow trout being wrangled out of the water, rodeo style.

After weathering the headwinds created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Miller was happy to report the welcome return of patrons and the joy of helping others to create memorable experiences over carefully brewed beer.

“Being in the beer business as long as I have, you learn quickly that there are a handful of markets in the country that are uniquely passionate about beer, and West Michigan is at the top of that list,” Miller said. “So, this is an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of this. At SBC we believe it is time to invest. I know our best days are ahead, and we are doing what we need to make things happen.”

After acquiring Kalamazoo based Gonzo’s Biggdogg Brewing in 2019, SBC followed up with the purchase of Grand Rapids based Creston Brewery in 2021.  As SBC re-envisions its portfolio of beers with an eye on the Grand Rapids consumer, you’ll want to be sure to revisit the traditional lagers you’ve come to enjoy, and maybe even venture on to some new pilsners, hazy IPAs, and craft lagers coming soon.

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