Wood Fired Pizzas Coming to Harmony Hall

Harmony Brewing wood-fired pizza
Harmony Brewing wood-fired pizza

“Where’s your pizza,” is a common question Harmony Hall has been fielding since first opening in 2015.

Harmony Hall’s sister location, Harmony Brewing in East Grand Rapids is known for its killer wood fired pizzas, so it’s no wonder customers expect to find the same pies on the West Side.

Co-founders and siblings Barry VanDyke, Jackson Arthur VanDyke and Heather VanDyke-Titus said customers will no longer have to ask that question. They’ve received the message loud and clear and in response, will be introducing wood fired pizzas to the Harmony Hall menu in April.

To make the change, however, Harmony Hall will no longer be able to offer its homemade sausages. “Our pizza is famously wood-fired pizza, and according to code you can only have one fuel source underneath a single hood,” Barry VanDyke said. “Because we want to move to pizza, we have to unfortunately get rid of all our grills and our fryers and everything else.”

Harmony Hall owners.
Harmony Hall owners.

Don’t worry though, Harmony Hall chef Liza Marvin is creating pizza recipes that will incorporate some sausage options. “She’s got a bulgogi pizza and others,” Heather VanDyke-Titus said.

Harmony Hall’s new menu will share a selection of flagship pizzas with the Eastown location, along with a few of its own specialties. Where Harmony Brewing Company has its Eastown Folk Funk pizza, Harmony Hall will have a Stockbridge pizza “that has actually got mustard and kapusta on it, which sounds weird, but it’s delicious,” Barry VanDyke said.

The new menu will keep some of Harmony Hall’s favorite appetizers, salads and sandwiches.

Changes to the kitchen began on March 19. While the work is being done, Harmony Hall is serving a limited version of its sausage menu out of the prep kitchen.

Harmony Hall will soon serve pizza.
Harmony Hall will soon serve pizza.

The change also means people will be able to host events catered with Harmony pizza in Harmony Hall’s banquet room.

Harmony’s owners also see room for other opportunities. “Having the two locations both provide the same product allows us to do a lot of new things, like handmade mozzarella and making our own sausage for the Italian sausage,” Barry VanDyke said, who said the consistency will be good for the overall Harmony brand.

He added, “We’re pizza, we’re beer, and I think the customers are going to really respond well to it.”

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