Furniture City Creamery’s New Ice Cream Truck Hits the Streets

Furniture City Creamery ice cream truck
Furniture City Creamery ice cream truck

If you thought you were too old to get excited about seeing the ice cream truck cruising the streets, think again. Furniture City Creamery has purchased a vintage truck and will be taking its frozen treats around Grand Rapids this summer, so get ready to feel that joy once more.

Rachel Franko, co-owner of Furniture City Creamery, said the business was looking for a way to expand beyond the shop when it stumbled upon an old Good Humor truck from 1970 for sale. “I had wanted one for some time and never thought we’d find one, so when we found this we just pulled the trigger to purchase it,” she said.

While Furniture City Creamery’s initial plan was to park the truck at parties and use it along with its catering ventures, a desire to be more mobile-influenced the summer agenda for the new purchase.

“Our original plan was to just use it for private parties and events along with catering, but it quickly grew into something that we also thought would be fun to bring vintage treats on and take our little shop around the city,” Franko said.

Starting April 21, Furniture City Creamery plans to hit the streets around Grand Rapids every other Saturday, increasing the frequency, as the weather gets warmer. Franko is hopeful the ice cream truck will help the business grow.

“Having the truck will allow us to serve a larger community and allow us to reach more people,” she said. “We have a small building but can now have a larger footprint.”

Furniture City Creamery began in 2014, originally selling just ice cream. It has since expanded its menu offerings to include shakes, floats, ice cream sandwiches, vegan items and more. The store also serves “pup cups” as a treat for four-legged friends.

All the ice cream is made from scratch with each flavor having its own unique recipe.

“For the most part, our core product is taking a recipe and making the whole thing taste like something else,” Franko said. “When we make something like molasses cookie, instead of dropping in cookies we try to develop a recipe that tastes just like eating that cookie. We use real ingredients to create what the flavors are designed to taste like.”

Furniture City Creamery opened in 2014 at 958 Cherry St SE.
Furniture City Creamery opened in 2014 at 958 Cherry St SE.

Looking ahead, Franko hopes that Furniture City Creamery will continue to expand its outreach to the Grand Rapids community.

“We’d like to continue to grow at the shop in the capacity that we have, and we’d also like to have the ice cream truck portion of our business grow as that becomes the next part of our business venture,” Franko said.

To reserve a visit from the truck, head to Furniture City Creamery’s website or call 616-485-6145. Visit Furniture City Creamery at 958 Cherry St SE.

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