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Tiramisu from Osteria Rossa Courtesy William Schafter
Charlsie Dewey
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids Magazine Courtesy Rachel Idzerda

Our feature story on sweets got me thinking about my favorite places for dessert and other sweet treats.

One of my favorite desserts in town is the tiramisu at Osteria Rossa. This coffee-flavored Italian dessert is layered with coffee and coffee liquor-soaked Ladyfingers, whipped mascarpone, topped with shaved coco, and finished with a chocolate-espresso sauce. Any visit to Osteria Rossa ends with tiramisu for me.

I’m also a big fan of treating myself with yummy sweets when I need a pick-me-up or am celebrating a small accomplishment.

My go-to choices for foodie rewards are a box of chocolates from Mokaya or a red velvet cupcake from The Cakabakery.

I also like to visit Lyon Street Café in hopes of scoring a frosting-drenched cinnamon roll on mornings when I’m out and about for work.

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