Local Ice Cream Shops Share Favorite Flavors

Carmel ice cream from Pinkies Ice Cream & Desserts

Ever wonder what flavors are among your local ice cream shop owners’ favorites? GR|Mag did. We asked a handful of our favorite ice cream shops to share their favorite flavors.

Chris McKellar, Love’s Ice Cream

Two of my personal favorites:

Butter Toffee Crunch, which is a browned-butter base with crunchy bits of my mom’s homemade almond toffee recipe. It hits you right in the delicious.

And, Whiskey Fig. You get a bit of vanilla, oak and toffee with bursts of that earthy whisky sweetness from the Long Road Distillers wheat whisky infused figs, and subtle pops and crunch from the strewn about seeds.

Rachel Franko, Furniture City Creamery

Thanks so much for reaching out to us. Our favorite flavor, and most popular, is D’OUGH! It is designed to taste like eating raw cookie dough.

Pam Dolan, Pinkie’s Ice Cream and Desserts

My favorite is Chocomania, which is a dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. Carrot cake is amazing (and carrots are a vegetable). Pistachio is also very popular because it’s not available many places. We serve Sherman’s Ice Cream from South Haven.

Visit Love’s Ice Cream, Furniture City Creamery and Pinkies Ice Cream & Desserts to try out their favorites.

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