Garage Bar offering 100 free meals a day for laid-off workers (update)

Grand Rapids Garage Bar & Grill is launching an initiative to serve 100 free takeout meals per day. Courtesy Garage Bar

UPDATE (10:13 a.m. May 6, 2020): The owners of Garage Bar & Grill announced a third extension. For this final stretch of the program, which runs May 6-28, Garage Bar is making some adjustments to the ordering process. Anyone wishing to put their name on the daily list must register on the EatGR Facebook page instead of contacting Garage Bar.

Thanks to a final three-week extension, Garage Bar intends to offer another 1,500 meals, which will bring the total giveaway to 6,000 free meals offered during the two-month program. 

UPDATE (9:47 a.m. April 22, 2020): After providing more than 3,000 free family meals in 30 days to the areas unemployed, the owners of Grand Rapids Garage Bar & Grill announced they are continuing its pledge to provide 100 free meals per day through May 5. Once complete, the Garage Bar Cares initiative will have provided 4,500 free meals to those in need.

A local bar is offering free meals to recently downsized workers with the support of a variety of community funders.

Grand Rapids Garage Bar & Grill owners Max Benedict, Dave Levitt and Brad Rosely, as well as Kevin Farhat, who is co-owner-operator, are launching an initiative called Garage Bar Cares that will offer 100 free takeout meals per day at the restaurant and bar at 819 Ottawa Ave. NW.

The owners of Garage Bar said they hope this will inspire others to find ways to help those in need during this “unsettling” period.

“We’re all in this together, so we all should find ways to help our friends and neighbors,” Farhat said. “For Garage Bar, we felt that cooking up some of our homemade items and giving away for free is our way of pitching in.”

Starting Friday, the first 100 people to call the location starting at 10 a.m. can submit their order for a free meal to be picked up during operating hours.

Anyone who has been recently downsized or temporarily laid off from their job is eligible, on the honor system.

Individuals can call the bar at (616) 454-0321 with their name and order and select their pick-up time. Guests will be able to order any item off the menu for each person in their household, up to four people. Owners ask that guests limit their order to once per day.

Sponsors for the initiative include Mercantile Bank, Pioneer Construction, Car City, Custer Office/Century Flooring, EatGR, Leadco and an anonymous family.

Those interested in joining the sponsorship team can call the bar.

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