Ferris Coffee shutters two Grand Rapids cafés

The Ferris Coffee building at 227 Winter Ave. NW in Grand Rapids will remain open until May 22. Courtesy GVSU

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. announced it is closing its two Grand Rapids café locations, citing a tough year under COVID-19 and the related government shutdowns.

The coffee company announced on its website the 40 Pearl St. NW location is now permanently closed, while the café at 227 Winter Ave. NW on Grand Valley State University’s campus will remain open through May 22. The location at 839 Seward Ave. NW will remain open.

“While this decision wasn’t one we made lightly or easily, it’s the one we’ve arrived at,” the company stated on its website. “Since our move to our main location on Seward Avenue in 2018, our cafés throughout the city have remained as landmarks for our customers to visit and enjoy. … The ultimate effect COVID had on the economy and our business cannot be understated. With not one but two shutdowns that damaged the retail economy, we simply weren’t immune to the impact.”

The Winter Avenue café has been Ferris’ flagship location since it was rebranded and introduced in 2014. It once housed Ferris’ entire operation, from administrative to production. In 2018, Ferris sold the building to GVSU for its engineering building. Ferris remained in the space to continue serving the neighborhood.

In 2016, Ferris opened its second Grand Rapids location in the historical Michigan Trust Building at 40 Pearl. The café began offering beer, wine and a variety of charcuterie boards in 2019.

“Despite offering local craft beer, curated wine selections and unique snacking opportunities, the café suffered under shutdowns,” Ferris said on its website. “The business district has immense potential to grow for the city and provide unique spots for locals and tourists alike. We’ll always be grateful that we were a part of this area’s growth and are excited to see the city’s potential growth in the coming years.”

While these two cafés close, Ferris said it will turn its attention to its main location on Seward Avenue with plans to expand the retail and café space at their headquarters. Ferris’ Holland and Lansing cafés also will remain open.

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